Quiet Time: Power-Pole

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Power-Pole launches its near-silent MOVE Brushless Trolling Motor. 

by Gregg Mansfield

Power-Pole founder and CEO John Oliverio spent a decade developing the new MOVE Brushless Trolling Motor that made its debut in early March.

No one is happier about the trolling motor debut than Lenny Gurvich, international sales manager for Power-Pole. It means Gurvich no longer has to answer questions at ICAST Fishing or other trade shows about when the new product was coming out.

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The new MOVE Brushless Trolling Motor features a low profile bracket and a shaft manufactured from titanium.

“Four years ago people were expecting a trolling motor,” Gurvich said. “The development team wanted to be sure we got it right because we didn’t want to put something out there that does not meet our standards.”

It turns out developing a new brushless motor and steering components takes time, especially when it’s new technology to the marine industry. Oliverio’s goal was to produce ultimate power while delivering near-silent operation. 

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Power-Pole has released a near-silent MOVE Brushless Trolling Motor.

Gurvich said the Power Unity System of the brushless motor and Techflow Propeller create 30 percent more power than the industry-leading trolling motors. What truly separates the MOVE Brushless Trolling Motor from the other trolling motors on the market is the revolutionary shaft.

The shaft is manufactured from aerospace-grade titanium and is designed to handle substantial loads. The low-profile bracket features Power-Pole’s ported aluminum design, which made its debut on the company’s Shallow Water Anchors. The bracket and shaft are protected by Power-Pole’s Multi-layer Corrosion Resistance Technology, designed to stand up to the harshest marine environment. Even the hinges, locks and pivot points are overengineered, Gurvich said.

“One of the first things people notice is we’ve got titanium, while the others have fiberglass-composite shafts,” Gurvich said. “We’re so confident in that shaft, it’s got a lifetime warranty. If we see a slight bend in the titanium shaft or there is a problem, we’ll replace it.”

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The MOVE PV comes standard with two wireless hybrid water-resistant remotes.

The MOVE trolling motor delivers the features that anglers demand. Among the features:

Vector heading: Follows a straight course down a bank or offshore drift

Follow a Route: Guided by ProNav, the angler uses the Power-Pole app or compatible device to set a route for the motor to follow.

Compass heading: The feature causes the motor to bear towards specific compass headings set by the user.

Anchor mode: The boat maintains its position.

Power-Pole offers two versions of its trolling motor with the MOVE PV for big-water boats and the MOVE ZR (hinged scissor bracket) for bass boats. Both the ZR and the PV will be offered in 45”, 52” and 60” shaft lengths, while the PV will include a 72” shaft length model. All are available in black or white powder-coated finishes.

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The new trolling motor from Power-Pole offers quiet operation to help catch more fish.

Both the bass and big-water boat versions will operate in 24- or 36-volt systems and can be integrated with Power-Pole’s C-Monster 2.0 wireless connection system. The 24-volt version produced 78 pounds of thrust in real-world tests, while the 36-volt system delivered 100 pounds.

Pro angler Chris Lane was involved in the testing process and said the trolling motor was the quietest and lightest he’s ever used.

In combination with the Power-Pole charge, the trolling motor charges when the outboard is operating or can be plugged in at home.

Gurvich said fail-safes were engineered into the system and the motor functions even if parts become compromised. The trolling motor charges when the outboard is operating or can be plugged in at home.

“It can also do an emergency start, so if your cranking battery did lose energy, it can pull the energy out of the trolling motor batteries,” Gurvich said.

The MOVE motors have been designed for simple installation with step-by-step instructional videos for both the PV and the ZR mount versions. The MOVE trolling motors also work for retrofits.Power pole Move Pv 26web

The MOVE PV comes standard with two wireless hybrid remotes and a charging cradle. Prices start at $4,999 for the 45-inch shaft up to $5,599 for the 72-inch version.

A wireless REALFEEL foot control is standard with the ZR series and can be optionally added to the PV models.

Units have started rolling out, but full production will be underway in early summer 2023.

The company has come a long way since Oliverio shipped his first trolling motor in 2000. In addition to trolling motors, the company offers chargers, anchors, spikes and other products. Today, Power-Pole employs close to 180 people at two facilities in Tampa, Fla. 

“It was being able to offer a package suite of products for that market,” Gurvich said. “Now we’ve got the front of the boat and we’ve got the back of the boat and we’ve got our charge products. 

“(The founder) knew we needed to make a motor that is the best out there.”