Anchor That Sticks the Landing

Boat anchor

Setting an anchor at the bottom of a lake or ocean can be a frustrating as trying to keep a toddler seated at a Sunday church service. Anchor manufacturers have created boxes, claws and mushroom anchors to keep boats in place—all with varying degrees of success.

The ULTRA Anchor from Ultra Marine West is the next generation of anchors hoping to keep your boat hooked up. The anchor is a work of art, handmade in Turkey from 316 stainless steel and hand polished. For us, the coolest feature is that if the anchor lands upside-down, it instantly recovers into the attack position.

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Among the anchor’s patented features include a curvedlead-filled tip for instant penetration, concaved base surfaces for maximum holding power and large side wing plates that continue to hold even with changing wind or tide conditions. The shank’s reinforced eye will not bend, break or fail, according to the company. The anchor comes with a lifetime warranty.

The ULTRA Anchor is suitable for all center console models and locates securely onto the bow roller. The anchor is available from 11 to 800 pounds. The anchor (pictured) retails for $3,049. Learn more about the product at