NBA Legend Michael Jordan Competing in Huge Fishing Tourney


Michel Jordan is one of the greatest—if not greatest—players in NBA history. He’s pretty good with a fishing pole too.

The NBA legend is reportedly in Maryland this week to compete in the 46th annual White Marlin Open with an estimated $6.1 million in total prize money. Tournament officials have not confirmed Jordan has entered but news reports show his plane and 80-foot yacht are both in Ocean City, Maryland, where the weeklong tournament is taking place.

Jordan’s 80-foot Viking named “Catch 22” with an elephant-print wrap was spotted in a slip at a marina. His private jet—also wrapped in elephant print—was parked at the Salisbury Regional Airport, according to a local ABC affiliate. The print is the same that is on his signature Air Jordan 3 sneakers.

The White Marlin Open is a legendary fishing tournament with big money on the line. The tournament awards prize money for catches of white marlin, blue marlin, tuna, dolphin, wahoo and shark. Anglers, such as Jordan, pay $30,000 to enter the tournament in select categories. Those with a smaller fishing budget can enter for as little as $1,000.

At the end of the day, the catches are weighed to determine if there is a new leader. (Photo courtesy White Marlin Open)

While the tournament started Monday, August 5, the 56-year-old Jordan has yet to cast a line. Each boat that enters the tournament is permitted to fish three days. More than 400 boats are entered in the tournament with an estimated $6.14 million in prize money.

The tournament on Tuesday had 335 boats carrying 2,345 anglers. It’s unusual for that many boats to go out so early in the five-day tournament, organizers said, but warm sea temperatures have made for excellent fishing, organizers said.

Though it’s early in the White Marlin Open, some big winners have been produced. The Chasin’ Tail boat caught a 75-pound white marlin and is currently in the lead for a $1.45 million payday. The leader in the blue marlin category, Craig Dickerson caught a 465-pound blue marlin potentially worth $740,000. A 201-pound tuna caught off the Crisdel is holding at $940,000.

The prize money is paid to anglers that catch the largest fish in each category. While an angler may have the largest catch early in the week, they can be dethroned before the tournament. That’s why many anglers will wait until later in the tournament to start fishing.

To see whether Michael Jordan lands the big catch, follow the White Marlin open at