Sharrow Marine’s New Prop

Xo Image (1web)

Sharrow Marine is bringing its innovative propeller technology to large horsepower outboards. The company launched the all-new Sharrow XO Series propellers designed for high-performance large diameter hubs for V8, V10 and V12 outboards.

The Sharrow XO is targeted for outboards from 350 to 600 horsepower, which have been limited by traditional propeller designs. Whether it’s a sport center console or a performance boat, Sharrow Marine now offers a propeller for most outboard manufacturers and available horsepower.

“We are delivering on our promise to provide a precision engineered Sharrow Propeller that is tailor-made for the industry leading large gearcase motors,” said Greg Sharrow, founder and CEO of Sharrow Marine, in a statement. “The Sharrow XO will transform our customers’ boating experience by giving them the speed, efficiency, and elevated experience they are looking for on the water.” 

Sharrow Propeller Model Mx 1 3 BladewebSharrow propellers reportedly offer 30-percent longer cruising range, a quieter ride and better low-speed handling and docking. The company says its propellers are up to 30 percent more fuel efficient between 2,500 and 4,000 rpm, while the boat will plane at a lower rpm.

The Sharrow XO is available for the Yamaha 350-, 425- and 450-horsepower models with a 120-day lead time. Sharrow is currently taking reservations for Mercury Marine’s V10 and V12 outboard propellers, which are expected to start delivery in early 2024.

“No longer will high performance, high horsepower boats need to settle for the ‘good enough’ standard prop designs,” Sharrow said. “Boaters can now experience the new world-class standard for propellers with the Sharrow Marine difference from 150 to 600-plus horsepower.”

The Sharrow XO Series comes with 12 months of damage coverage and the company’s Sharrow Customer Care.

Sharrow Marine, which is based in Detroit, has long offered the Sharrow MX, which works on outboards from 150 to 450 horsepower.

The Sharrow Propeller is available now for the major outboard manufacturers: Yamaha, Mercury, Honda, Evinrude, Suzuki, Johnson, Nissan, OXE, and COX.