Carolina Skiff 25 LS

Carolina Skiff 25 LS

Unlike its Carolina Skiff predecessors, the LS Series has a full liner hull to enhance the boat’s appearance and handling on the water for a smoother, more comfortable ride. By incorporating a liner hull, the overall rigidity and strength of the boat improves. Additionally, the liner hull means that all the compartments on the deck are molded into the design, instead of pieced-in as separate components. 

The LS Series boats are also self-bailing, so when water gets onto the deck during fishing and on-water adventures, it automatically drains overboard. The self-bailing design utilizes gravity to pull any water toward strategically placed drainage points.

The LS Series comes loaded with premium diamond pleated upholstered seating, which amplifies its overall fit and finish. Also, the LS Series comfortably accommodates the whole family with its rear deck jump seats, cockpit seating, marine board storage lids with friction hinges, cupholders, cargo storage bags, 70-quart cooler and optional bow cushions.


Length: 24’10”
Beam: 8’
Weight: 2,700 lbs
Max Power: 250 hp
Starting Price: NA

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