Invincible 35 Catamaran

Invincible 35

Like its predecessors, the 35’ Catamaran was designed by the world-renowned naval architects at Morrelli & Melvin, known as the leading authority on design and build specifications for the America’s Cup, designed Invincible’s patent-pending Hybrid Semi-Asymmetric Multihull, which is vacuum-bagged utilizing 100-percent vinylester resin. 

This boat was created with the major goal of accommodating what many were asking for since the launch of Invincible’s 40’ Catamaran in 2017—a smaller, easier to handle package, with more power configurations. Twin outboards have been a major request from customers, so a variety of twin packages is offered, but quad-outboard configurations are also available. Fuel economy is said to be comparable to the company’s monohull models.

The single-level deck offers full 36-degree fishability, and a side dive door is optional. Seating options are also available. The separate, large coffin boxes remain standard, however there will be an option for a built-in console coffin box as well.


Length: 35’10”
Beam: 11’7.5”
Weight: 10,350 lbs
Max Power: 1,200 hp
Starting Price: NA

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