Blue Innovations Group Unveils the R30 Electric Boat

R30 beta 6

Toronto, ON 

The Future of Sustainable Marine Technology – Capt. Greg Marlo 

You’ll likely be seeing a lot more information on this exciting new Revolution R30 electric boat by Blue Innovations Group. It has impressive specifications and features offering great value and benefits to a boater. However, what impressed me the most with the Dec 16 launch in St Petersburg Florida was the enthusiasm and commitment of the Blue Innovations Group team that CEO and Founder John Vo has assembled. John’s vision is to manufacturer a product that embraces environmental concerns while making boating more affordable and easier to enjoy. From the intuitive maneuvering controls to the fully integrated large helm displays that are proprietary, it checks a lot of the boxes when it comes to what people are looking for. I had the opportunity to speak with Vo about his vision to positively impact the boating world as well as connect with many of his staff and their relatives at this Dec 16 launch event. The enthusiasm, pride and excitement were clearly exuded and to me, this was a clear indication of the company’s ability to succeed.

Today the company has a working prototype but plans limited production and deliveries in 2024. Manufacturing capability will increase dramatically says Vo when automated production using robots will allow them to build a completed boat every 30 minutes or less. This is planned for 2025 and production to remain in the Tampa Bay area.

The Blue Innovations Group states that the R30 will provide the ultimate boating experience for customers with uncompromised safety, performance, style, and value while being environmentally friendly. The R30 is a 30-foot electric cabin cruiser boat with a 221 kWh battery pack, 800 hp dual motorpowertrain, integrated UI, and solar charging capability. This first-of-its-kind recreational boat offerscustomers an unparalleled experience, combining advanced technologies and timeless styling. The R30 provides a seamless transition between working and playing spaces with its connected capability,interactive features, and versatile layout. This versatility extends to the vessels controls and navigation which are intuitive and easy to use. The R30s stern ocean terrace combined with the vessels silent and pollution-free propulsion system, enables customers the opportunity to easily engage with their family and friends. “The R30 was designed from scratch. We threw out the playbook most boatbuilders follow because if you squint your eyes at a boat show, most boats look the same,” said Vo. “The R in R30 stands for Revolution, we decided to offer something radically different, radically better.” 

We are thrilled to launch the R30 in Pinellas County, Florida, a community that has embraced our mission from the very beginning. The R30 is a testament to American innovation and the cutting-edge technologies emerging from the State of Florida. Florida is the future and the states diverse talent will make BIG a success, said Vo. The R30 is the first 30ft electric day cruiser designed and manufactured in Florida.

Customers will have the opportunity to reserve an R30 for $1,000 with a Blue Reservation which provides customers with standard delivery and $5,000 for a BIG Reservation, providing customers

with access to one of the first 100 boats. BIG will begin R30 deliveries in Q3 2024. “Since our debut at the 2023 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), we’ve seen enthusiasm not only among current boaters but also among non-boaters who share the sentiment that the R30 is a long overdue innovation,” Vo explained.

R30 Specs:

Length: 30ft Target Nominal Runtime: up to 8hr

Beam: 10ft Dual Motor Powertrain: 800HP

Height: 9.5ft Target Max Speed: 45mph

Weight: 10K lbs Battery pack: 221kWh

Capacity: 12 people Solar canopy: 2.7kW

R30 Key Features:

Half-Walk Around design, Bathroom with Bidet, Kitchenette, Refrigerator, AC, Stern Ocean Terrace, Range

of Charging Options, Expandable Solar Canopy, Remote Access, and Integrated Infotainment.


About Blue Innovations Group

Blue Innovations Group is a leading electric boat company founded by John Vo, the former Global Head of Manufacturing at Tesla. The company’s mission is to enable the transition from land to water with sustainable solutions. Its flagship product, the R30, is a 30-foot electric power boat with a 221 kWh battery pack, 800 hp, and solar charging capability.

For more information about the R30 and to place a reservation, please visit and follow us on social via LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter.

Yacht Solutions based on Toronto, Canada plans to offer the R30 in their Fractional Ownership Program which makes the ownership proposition even more affordable in ¼ shares. For more information on the program visit or contact us at 1 -855-907-9046