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Suzuki Marine releases new DF300B to expand its Ultimate Outboard Motors lineup.

When many outboard engine companies are in an arms race to see who can produce the biggest horsepower, Suzuki Marine has been working on bridging the gap in its Ultimate Outboard Motors lineup, which ranges from 225 to 350 horsepower.

The latest addition to the V6 lineup is the DF300B that made its debut in early October at the IBEX Show in Tampa, Florida. The four-stroke outboard is the missing piece between the 250 and 350 horsepower offerings from the Japanese engine manufacturer.

“The compact design, performance characteristics and fuel efficiency of the DF300B make it an ideal match for today’s large center console sport fishers, offshore catamarans, performance pontoon and deck boats, and other popular vessels,” said Gus Blakely, vice president of sales for Suzuki Motor of America. Inc. Marine Division.

The DF300B uses Suzuki’s proven contra-rotating propeller system that provides better bite when boaters hit the throttle and stronger midrange acceleration. Suzuki says the other benefits are enhanced low-speed maneuvering for anglers and better top-end speed.

The outboard’s power is distributed over six blades rather than the traditional three-blade propeller, which Suzuki says allowed engineers to use smaller gears to create a sleek lower unit that slices through the water with minimum drag. The added propeller blade surface eliminates steering torque and responsive reverse thrust, which is helpful for docking or maneuvering in close quarters. The front and rear prop are available in pitches from 19.5” to 31.5”.

The 4.4-liter displacement engine has a 10.5:1 compression ratio and duel fuel injectors to optimize performance. The best part is the DF300B runs on 87-octane fuel, which is easy to get at any marina.

Suzuki uses two smaller fuel injectors to deliver the precise amount of fuel to the center of the combustion chamber improving atomization and eliminating potential engine knock. The injection system delivers 100 percent of the fuel into the cylinder at once, which adds up to 3 percent additional power.

According to Suzuki, the dual-louver, direct air-intake system DF300B helps the engine breathe freely while separating out water, spray and moisture for improved reliability. The unique intake system provides the outboard with cooler, denser air for a more powerful combustion cycle. Suzuki’s Lean Burn Control Technology helps to ensure optimum fuel efficiency across the entire rpm range.

Today’s outboards are quieter than those built just a decade ago and the DF300B is no exception. The engine cover and improvements in sound management reduce decibel levels, even when running the outboard in the upper rpm range.

The DF300B features the same offset driveshaft engine layout used on Suzuki’s other outboards, creating a compact design. With a 25-inch shaft, the new outboard weighs 727 pounds and integrates with Suzuki Precision Control drive-by-wire throttle and shift controls. Added features include Suzuki’s Easy Start, troll mode and compatible multifunction display screens.

Suzuki said its 300-hp outboard is ideal for new installations or repowering older boats. Blakely said the DF300B is ideal for heavy hulls loaded with people, fuel and gear.

New Suzuki outboards come with a three-year warranty for recreational users and customers can purchase a three-year extended protection plan for a total of six years of warranty coverage. The company has not released a price for the DF300B. The engine is expected to be available to the public in January.

“We’re pleased to be bringing the many advantages of our counter-rotating propeller system — first pioneered on Suzuki’s 350hp 4-stroke — to a new and important segment of the overall boating market,” Blakely said.

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