Maritime Boats 23 Defiant

The 23 Defiant from Maritime Boats features a deep, aggressive hull design built for offshore waters. The design allows for a minimum planing speed of 14 mph, and the boat can run to a top end of 43 mph with a 225-horsepower outboard to get you to the fishing grounds fast.

Generous deck space allows anglers to fight fish and move about the 23 Defiant easily, and there’s plenty of room for coolers, fishing rods, gear and other accessories. In addition, the large step-down area adds additional storage, the addition of a Porta-Potti or a quick change of clothes.

The 23 Defiant offers a seating capacity for eight people and has a fuel capacity of 73 gallons. With a 225-horsepower outboard engine, the 23 Defiant has a range of 230 miles.

With 225 horsepower, Maritime Boats says the V-bottom has a top speed of 45 mph.


Length: 23’3”
Beam: 8’6”
Weight: 2,500 pounds w/out engine
Base power: 200-hp outboard

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