6 New Marine Technologies

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Check out these six new products from the Miami International Boat Show. 

With the Miami International Boat Show being one of the largest shows in the country, the boat show is a great launching point for new consumer products. 

The 2024 show didn’t disappoint as companies released technology including chartplotters, boat monitoring systems and remote systems to control the boat. Visitors even got to see future technology including a prototype hydrogen-powered outboard from Yamaha Marine and Ilmor Marine’s new ION, a 6kW electric outboard.

Don’t worry if you missed this year’s Miami Boat Show, the Center Console Life editors have you covered as we came across a sea of new products in the Miami Beach Convention Center and Herald Plaza in downtown Miami. 

Here are a few products that caught our attention.


Staying Dry

Made for boaters by boaters, the Vault line of dry bags is a must-have on the water. 

Constructed with durable 500D PVC material, and a seamless heat welding process, the Triton dry bag backpack by Vault Active Gear offers a waterproof storage solution for important valuables that need to be protected from the elements while on the go.Triton sunset Orange img 9165w

The Triton Dry Bag not only provides unique utility with their custom bungie tethering system and external mesh drink holders, it also offers a comfortable carrying experience through the padded shoulder straps and soft, padded meshing for your back.

When rolled and secured properly the Triton dry bag creates a waterproof enclosure that makes it the perfect choice for active outdoor enthusiasts who desire rugged protection and stylish good looks. The Triton dry bag is available in white, blue, gray and orange. 


Go Wide

Simrad Yachting introduced the NSX Ultrawide, which the company touts as the world’s first fully featured ultrawide marine display. Available in 12” and 15” screen sizes, the NSX Ultrawide is perfect for small to midsize center consoles.

The new NSX Ultrawide is 63 percent wider than the NSX and offers a more streamlined and immersive experience for boaters. The aspect ratio provides better functionality with full-page applications and application splits.62344w

The latest C-MAP Discover X charts are optimized specifically for NSX, and the NSX Ultrawide display’s high-pixel density provides sharp resolution. For avid anglers, extra detail can be added with an upgrade to Reveal X, featuring shaded relief and satellite imagery.

The X-Gen charts also unlock a host of new features, such as the new C-MAP Safety Alerts, built to automatically alert users to hazards up ahead, ranging from shallow waters to buoys. Users can manage C-MAP chart updates and upgrades directly from their device, with the ability to choose custom areas for a near-instant download.

The NSX Ultrawide offers the benefits of dual displays in a single unit.
The 12” NSX Ultrawide retails for $2,749 and $3,399 for the 15” display.


Lighten Up

Underwater lights can take a center console to the next level and the new P4 from Bluefin LED’s popular Piranha series of surface-mounted lights can get your boat there.

Whether your center console’s hull is a V-bottom or catamaran, the compact and low profile make the Piranha P4 suitable for all hull types. The P4 features a new patented X-beam optical design, which optimizes beam projection and spread.

The range includes an entry-level, high-impact polymer base P4 in blue, white or RGBW color change. The P4 X (Hi-Power) in blue, white or Dual Color and will be available with either a hard anodized PTFE aluminum or AB2 marine-grade bronze base.P4 Twin Led Front View Alu Bronze Basew

The versatile Bluefin lights can be operated using an existing toggle switch and the built-in thermal protection allows them to be used above as well as below the waterline. Installation is simple with built-in driver technology, active thermal rollback and a small hole for the cable.

The P4 Color Change Hi-Power light delivers 4,000 fixture lumens and can be controlled with a simple toggle switch, MFD screen or mobile device.


Hydrogen-Powered Outboard Breakthrough

Tohatsu, Ilmor Partner

Revolutionary Boat Monitoring