Revolutionary Boat Monitoring

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There are several wireless boat-monitoring systems on the market but it’s a safe bet none are as affordable and easy to install as the Skyhawk Oversea.

Any boater who can replace AA batteries, use a screwdriver and operate an app is qualified to install the Skyhawk Oversea Boat Monitoring System. The battery-powered remote monitoring could be a game changer with its cost just a fraction of hard-wired monitoring systems on the market.

“Boat monitoring systems have been too hard to install, too expensive, and they don’t last long enough to really monitor your boat,” said Jonathan Epstein, Skyhawk’s chief strategy officer. “They all draw down on your boat battery, which is ironic because that’s one of the things people want to be able to monitor the most is the voltage of their battery.”Oversea app battery voltagew

The Skyhawk is a self-powered system with the Hub running on three AA batteries, which provides monitoring and location-on-demand tracking for at least a year before the batteries need to be replaced. Epstein said for most boaters it will be two to three years for new batteries.

In addition, Skyhawk offers a family of sensors including battery voltage, bilge pump operations, motion detectors, a high-water sensor and more. The company does charge a subscription fee, but it’s on par with the other systems, Epstein said.

The biggest difference is the cost. A traditional system can run about $2,000, while the Skyhawk Oversea system has an introductory price of $599. The Hub sells for $299 and package with three sensors sells for $449.

The goal was to make the units simple to install, so it requires no wiring or pairing. The Oversea Hub can be installed in most locations on the boat. It is IP67 waterproof-rated and includes a rubberized sleeve for added weather protection.

Skyhawk started out in the rodent trap monitoring business, applying what it learned to the marine industry offerings. The technology is far more robust than the technology to monitor remote traps, said Richard Shevelow, Skyhawk’s chief executive officer.

Using a combination of LTE cellular triangulation, Wi-Fi triangulation and active GPS, the system can monitor a boat or trailer to provide accurate location-on-demand tracking.

“What’s different with the boat application is it’s got advanced location technology, and more advanced cellular connectivity technology,” Shevelow said. “We basically put two unique things, a combination of cellular and local RF technology, together that make this product and a lot of other cutting-edge technologies involving batteries and semiconductors.”

The Skyhawk Oversea monitoring will only work right now in the United States. After making its debut at the 2024 Miami International Boat Show, the first units are slated to ship starting in the spring. Epstein said additional sensors will be offered later this year.

“This is for anyone who values their boat or values the possessions in it,” Epstein said. “Sometime the electronics and fishing gear are worth more than the boat itself.”

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