Looking Forward – New products from IBEX

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Eight new products from the International BoatBuilders’ Exhibition and Conference (IBEX).

The International BoatBuilders’ Exhibition and Conference (IBEX) is a great bell weather for trends in the marine industry.

The tradeshow, which takes place each October in Tampa, Fla., is an industry-only event owned and staged by the National Marine Manufacturers Association. As part of the show, IBEX stages the IBEX Innovation Awards Program, a yearly event that is judged by Boating Writers International.

The 2023 awards contest had nearly 100 entries and when the judging was completed, the judges selected 13 Innovation Award winners and four honorable mentions. While not all the products are relevant to the center-console market, there are a few products boaters will see on 2024 models and beyond.

Check out these award-winning products and other debuts from the 2023 IBEX show.

Shine on the Water

Taco MarineIntroducing TACO Marine’s Grand Slam 300 – an Outrigger Mount that combines stainless-steel and polished, anodized aluminum, featuring a single-handle design for improved safety and performance. This mount allows for effortless, one-handed operation from the deck, enabling you to easily adjust the rotation and lift of outrigger poles using the GS-300’s ergonomic crank handle, which seamlessly locks into the base.

Crafted with an attractive, all-metal design, the GS-300 boasts no plastic components, ensuring a superior water seal and enhanced protection against the elements.

The GS-300 is the perfect companion for TACO’s New Internally Rigged/Collapsible Outriggers and Aluminum or Carbon Fiber Tele-Outrigger Poles, accommodating lengths of up to 20’ with an underside pin-locking connection, eliminating the need for port and starboard designations.


Joystick Driving

Web a2023 volvo PentaVolvo Penta’s Joystick Driving technology received an IBEX Innovation Award for the system that seamlessly integrates shifting, steering and throttling. 

Joystick Driving is a cutting-edge system developed by Volvo Penta to enhance the maneuverability and control of boats. It allows for effortless and precise handling, even in tight spaces and challenging conditions. The system integrates multiple propulsion units and steering to enable intuitive and responsive boat handling, making it easier for both experienced and novice boaters to navigate safely.

The system’s key features include dynamic positioning, autopilot functionality, and compatibility with various Volvo Penta propulsion systems, ensuring flexibility and versatility for boat builders and owners. Joystick Driving not only improves the overall boating experience but also enhances safety by reducing the risk of accidents during docking and low-speed maneuvers.


Computing Power

Web gpsmap 9k Family ImageGarmin won an IBEX Innovation Award for its GPSMAP 9000 chartplotter series that combines design, performance, and enhanced connectivity through the Garmin BlueNet gigabit network.

Catering to captains who demand excellence, the GPSMAP 9000 series offers touchscreen displays ranging from 19 to 27 inches, boasting 4K resolution. Powered by a processor seven times faster than previous models, these multi-function displays (MFDs) deliver unparalleled clarity and speed.

Beyond aesthetics, these MFDs are a powerhouse. With seven times the processing power of predecessors, they ensure rapid map rendering and enhance onboard sensors like sonar, radar, cameras, and digital switching.

The BlueNet gigabit network enhances connectivity, enabling seamless integration with multiple devices, faster multimedia streaming, and video integration. Boaters can also enjoy extensive integration capabilities, including engine monitoring, digital switching, audio control, camera support, and smartwatch compatibility.

The GPSMAP 9000 series models come preloaded with Garmin Navionics+ mapping, including Auto Guidance technology and one-year subscription for updates. An upgrade to Garmin Navionics Vision+ premium mapping is available, offering additional features like relief shading and sonar imagery.

 retails starting at $9,999.99. 


Top Audio

Web harmonHARMAN International, a subsidiary of Samsung Electronics, has introduced the world’s first fully digital marine head unit, the Harman Kardon R7100HU, using its Automotive Audio Bus (A2B) technology. This innovative device promises audio quality exceeding that of CDs, transforming the on-water listening experience for boatbuilders and enthusiasts. The unit simplifies installation and maintenance, offering exceptional value.

The fully digital system eliminates noise issues associated with analog cables, reducing weight, installation costs, and improving reliability with up to 32 audio channels via twisted pair cables.

The Harman Marine Head Unit supports multiple audio sources, including Bluetooth, USB-C, AUX, AM/FM, SiriusXM, and DAB+. It features four zones of tone and equalizer control, a 10-band EQ for each zone, and independent sub-level controls. It is IPX 67 rated for marine environments, with a 4.3-inch bonded sunlight viewable display and NMEA 2000 certification for seamless integration.


Smooth Operator

Hcb P SeriesWBV Shock Mitigation Solutions is in the business of making the ride smoother. At the IBEX show, WBV showed off three distinctive ranges of shock-mitigating products and introduced the OMEGA shock-mitigating seat insert.

The CPR Series sets the standard for lightweight and compact units on the market. The P Series seamlessly attaches to standard pedestals and leisure chairs, simplifying both new installations and quick retrofits. Its versatile bolt pattern with slots ensures compatibility with nearly any chair type. 

Alternatively, the units can be securely bolted directly to a GRP base or box. For larger helm and captain’s chairs or high-performance race boat bucket seats, WBV manufacturers the purpose-built C Series.

WBV’s innovative LT (Long Travel) Series features the industry’s top-tier shock absorber, crafted by FOX Factory, boasting triple chambers and precision engineering.

The OMEGA shock mitigating seat insert seamlessly integrates into seats of any size or shape, effectively reducing shock and vibration. The seat insert starts at $95.


Power Station

Z main with includedARCO has introduced the Zeus High-Energy Alternator Regulator, a product designed to enhance battery charging and alternator output on boats. The Zeus Regulator provides a safe and efficient solution for marine enthusiasts seeking to optimize their electrical systems.

This regulator offers advantages like improved charging efficiency and prolonged battery and alternator life by preventing overcharging and overheating. Its user-friendly design makes installation accessible to both professionals and DIY enthusiasts.

The ARCO Zeus High-Energy Alternator Regulator offers a practical and reliable solution for boaters looking to enhance their battery charging and alternator performance. It ensures a more enjoyable and worry-free experience on the water, making it a valuable addition to marine electrical systems.


Charged Up!

DolphinThe Dolphin PRO Evo3 Battery Chargers from Scandvik represent a cutting-edge advancement in marine charging technology, setting a new standard for reliability and efficiency. Designed with the needs of boaters, these chargers are a testament to Scandvik’s commitment to innovation.

The Evo3 series boasts a sleek and compact design, making it easy to install and integrate into any marine vessel. Equipped with state-of-the-art charging algorithms, they are capable of efficiently charging and maintaining a wide range of battery types, from lead-acid to lithium-ion, ensuring that your onboard power source is always ready when you need it.

One standout feature of the Dolphin PRO Evo3 chargers is their advanced monitoring and diagnostic capabilities. They provide real-time information on battery status, voltage, temperature, and charging progress, giving users invaluable insights into their vessel’s power system health.

With multiple charging profiles and a robust build, the Scandvik Dolphin PRO Evo3 Battery Chargers are poised to enhance the boating experience by providing reliable, worry-free power management.


Top Fish

Taco pole ois are a game-changer for deep-sea fishing. 

The innovative triple-rigged fishing pole promises to make offshore fishing a smoother and more efficient experience. Unlike traditional options on the market, these poles offer quick and easy assembly and a unique feature set.

The three-piece design of these fishing poles incorporates a latching mechanism that employs a Twist and Lock system, ensuring a secure setup for anglers heading offshore. This design allows for a rapid and hassle-free assembly process, eliminating the challenges associated with other fixed or complex setups.

One standout feature is the adjustable ratchet base and threaded locking collar, which allows users to perfectly index the halyard line. This precision eliminates chafing and ensures a smooth ascent and descent of outrigger lines, a feature exclusive to TACO Marine.