Suzuki Marine Upgrades 300-, 350-hp Outboards


Suzuki Marine upgraded two of its highest horsepower outboards for 2023 to include integrated steering and offer a new lower gear case for the models.

The DF350AMD and DF300BMD V6 four-stroke outboards with contra-rotating twin propellers are the first Suzuki models to offer integrated steering.  Integrated steering allows for more streamlined rigging for single or multiple engine configurations, eliminating clearance issues caused by external steering cylinders.

Suzuki also engineered a new lower gear case for the DF350AMD and DF300BMD. Engineers made the changes to enhance durability, increase top-speed performance and improve fuel efficiency. The external surface area of this new gear case has also been reduced and reshaped, allowing the lower unit to slice through the water with less resistance. Suzuki said the streamlined gear case reduces the required oil from 3.2 liters to 2.8 liters.

“By making the gear case a little bit skinnier, we’re actually getting a mile an hour or 2 mph faster,” said Brandon Cerka, marketing manager for Suzuki Marine at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show. “That’s a significant performance upgrade.”

The steering improvements are expected to foreshadow additional enhancements at the helm including joystick steering and increased integration.

Suzuki will continue to build the DF300B and DF350A outboards in the original configuration. Because of the new lower gear case, repowers should have the same lower drive units.

“Up top everything is the same but at the bottom you don’t want a 22 (inch) gear case next to a 23 (inch) gear gase,” Cerka said. “We really want to match those two because you’re going to get the best performance if you have the same gear case on the bottom.”


Suzuki also introduced at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show the new DF75 outboard for 2023 and are retiring the 70-hp model currently in the lineup. Cerka said the in-line four-cylinder outboard boasts a 16-valve Dual Overhead Cam (DOHC) design, two-stage gear reduction system and driveshaft for a more compact design.

The DF75 gives boaters many of the technological advancements found on larger Suzuki outboards such as Suzuki Lean Burn Technology, multipoint sequential electronic fuel injection, a cool air intake system, and a water-cooled fuel rail.

The Suzuki DF75 is available with graphics in a black or white paint finish, to best match a variety of boats. Suzuki offers the DF75 in Long (20”) and Extra Long (25”) shaft lengths. The motor can be converted to tiller steering if needed.

Cerka said feedback from consumers and OEMs led to the design of the DF75, which is based off its 90-hp sibling. 

“It always used to be you don’t have to really max (horsepower) out your boat, you put on what is good for the boat,” Cerka said. “Now everybody’s maxing out and the horsepower is getting bigger. We also noticed that with OEMs, they’re making 75 horsepower (the base) and go up from there.”

Suzuki’s outboard lineup ranges from 2.5 horsepower up to 350 hp.